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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I was reading a post another blog and came across a link to a second blog written a French guy who'd decided to go from Helsinki all the way to up the Northern-most point of Finland by foot (and the he'll cross over into Norway - but who cares about that bit LOL). His plan is to walk about 20-30km per day and get by only on the kindness of strangers. Though why he decided to do this in the dead middle of winter is beyond me!

Here's his bio - seems like he's led an interesting (if nomadic) life:

Alain Bezard BIO
born 09 01 1955 France

10.10.1978 left France by bicycle towards east. Ended up in India.

1982 While aspiring to Canada found a village in North Norway, Kautokeino, I stayed for four years.

1987 walked following the River Nile form Egypt to Sudan.
1989 found wife in China. Had a restaurant until mafia stopped that. Worked in a nuclear power plant. Had a son.
1995 Returned to France. Escaped again to do construction work in Israel, Lebanon and Jordan.

1997 Experienced being homeless in London.

1998 Adventure to cross the Bering Strait and to celebrate the millennium twice. Went around the world without money.
2001 Traveling two years from Mexico to Chile.
2003 Ireland 2008 back to South America traveling along the River Amazon
2009 Finland


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