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Friday, December 30, 2016

GHD Pop-up Store

It's a bit last minute, but through tomorrow at 6pm, GHD has a pop-up store on rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau where you can stop in for a free hair styling.  They'll either straightener your hair with their professional straighteners (the best on the market IMO) or do a quick wavy hairdo.  The hairdressers are a bit snooty, in the way that many Parisian coiffeurs are, but there was no pressure to purchase anything - just a general haughtiness and a slight mocking of my accent.  You know, the usual. ;D

When I stopped in yesterday to get my hair done, there wasn't a person in sight, so keep it in mind tomorrow if you're in the Paris region and want your hair professionally done (for free!) before you head out to your NYE party!

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