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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger is finally back up and running again!

At least long enough for me to say to encourage those of you in Bretagne (or elsewhere) to participate in the "Journée récréative au profit de Meningites en France". This is a group that is near and dear to me and a few fellow readers, and I would really like to do my part in promoting it: I also know that they are continuously looking for donations for fundraisers, so if you feel so inclined and have anything to donate (money, books, gîtes rentals, etc), please feel free to post it here.

Also, last week we went to eat at another Chinese restaurant with C's brother & his wife (they have an excellent Chinese ravioli buffet à volonté - check it out!!). While we were walking over there, I came across a small Latino market at 55 blvd Lefebvre 75015. Since they were still open, I took a few minutes to pop in and check it out. They had all the regular stuff you would at find at your local corner store, PLUS all kinds of highly-searched for Mexican ingredients. Like dried and canned black beans, all kinds of canned tomatoes with chilies, tomatillos, etc. It's pricey but it's something to keep in mind if you're desperate for certain ingredients...

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