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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yet another night out on the town

Since I've been in Paris, I've been reading a blog called Secrets of Paris. She's got lots of good tips on there - it's how I knew that Les Invalides was free on Bastille day and how I saw what really happened at the Fireman's Ball just down the street.

Besides her blog, Heather also wrote a book called "Naughty Paris - a lady's guide to the sexy city". She has a blog for the book too, which you can read here. Funnily enough, she also mentions Olivier from O Château in one of her posts. That guy must get around. In his flip flops.

Anyways, Heather's book is coming out in September and she did a pre-book party last night at the Curio Parlor. You know, one of those bars that is so cool that it doesn't have a name or an address on the outside, you just have to know it's there. Thank God people have to smoke outside now, or I never would've found it. I went in and was immediately extremely glad I'd made the effort to put on a dress and heels. Everyone was really friendly though, and there was a good mix of French & Americans. Things started to wind down around 1:30am, so I walked everyone back to the metro. After exchanging numbers, I started walking home again.

After a few meters, I stopped, took of my heels and my jewelry and put on some comfy shoes and a sweater. It's so funny how something as simple as shoes & jewelry can change what kind of men one attracts. I went from business men in suits to men in their 40's. Two different men asked if they could accompany me for a ways and another one told me I looked serene. Which is odd because he's the second man in two days to tell me I looked serene and serene is one of the last words I would use to describe myself. Maybe that's just the new pick-up line??

After helping a couple cute Frenchies find the right metro and stopping to chat quick with the local épicier, I finally made it home again safe and sound. I'm really going to miss living here - it's so nice not being tied to the metro and having the option of walking home at night. I love Paris at night, all lit up and magical. And I totally see what people mean about preferring the right or left bank - I rarely go over to "the other side". (insert ominous music here). Though considering how my housing search is going (ie. not well), I may not have the choice!



Blogger Leah said...

I may not be in Paris, but I'm totally with ya on loving to be able to walk into town and home at night and all that jazz. Who knows? Maybe some great apt in a great location will magically fall into your hands with all these new amis you're making! :)

August 3, 2008 at 6:27 PM  

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