Totally Frenched Out

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well, with the exception of one kitchen cabinet and my wine rack, I've managed to sell every single thing I own. Two English families came and carted away 90% of my belongings, and the rest of the various bits and pieces have been sold (hi Danielle!). Although it was strange to watch people carry off my belongings (especially the newer things that were so carefully chosen for our new house), in one way, it's freeing. Besides my clothes, I have now have nothing. There is no longer anything tying me here, holding me back.

I finally saw Fab, and while it was painful, it wasn't as bad as I expected. He is still half-way in denial about this whole thing, and honestly seems to think that all of this is in my best interest. Hopefully one day he will realize what a mistake this has all been. And hopefully one day I will see it was all for the best. The funny thing is that I purchased everything we had, so he is essentially left with nothing besides the TV & the computer. He told me that he was shocked to realize that even though he is on the brink of turning 30, all of his possessions could easily fit in the trunk of the BMW. I find it sort of sad, but on the other hand, I think "Good. Serves him right". Since he plans on s'installing avec elle, I don't want to leave him with anything that was ours. Not a single plate, not a single sheet, nothing. Everything that I can't pack or take with me is being donated to Emmaüs, so someone else can put it to use.



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