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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Good Stuff

Before we left, I had a lot of people ask what all-inclusive meant - and in this case, it meant free food and free drinks 24/7.  I'm not sure if this is the same for all room categories, but our butler asked us what we wanted in our liquor cabinet and we had a full bottle each of gin, vodka, whiskey and; rum.  Plus champagne, various juices and water in the fridge.
Felt like we were on a movie set
 There were also various bars around the resort with different opening hours making all kinds of mixed and blended drinks. My favorite was what they called the "BBC", a blended drink made with ice, Baileys, a banana, coconut liqueur and rum.  Delish!

The British Pub
As far the food went, one of my concerns with doing an all-inclusive place was that we'd be eating the same food all the time - so another reason we chose this resort is because there were 3 different options for breakfast (plus room service) and six different options at night (plus the Pier restaurant and the candle-light beach dinner we'd been gifted by my brother).

On top of that, we also had the right to go spend a day and/or eat at the resort's two sister establishments elsewhere on the island. There were shuttle buses that left every 2hrs and did a loop between the three. We wanted to see what at least one of the other ones looked like and try out a well-reputed Japanese restaurant, so one of the evenings we made our way over to the golf one. We ended up having a fabulous tepanyaki dinner there, cooked by a very entertaining chef.

Beachfront resto
The other restaurants at our resort besides the Pier included a very nice Italian restaurant, a French brasserie, a pizzeria, a barefoot beach-front restaurant, a British pub and a semi-formal sit down restaurant.  And besides that, the other resorts also offered various cuisines, such as a Caribbean restaurant or a formal French restaurant.

Romantic Italian dessert
All of this meant that we never had to eat the same thing twice, and I actually enjoyed the whole all-inclusive thing more than I thought I would.  I'd always poo-pooed cruises for that same reason, but I would now consider going on one if they had as much variety as this placed did.

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Blogger Michele said...

I can tell you there is a lot of variety on a cruise too...though not quite as much as you had for space reasons. On our cruise there were 3 specialty restaurants you could pay extra for...Italian, French and a creperie. We heard they were excellent but never tried them out because we didn't want to spend the extra money.

As for the included options there was room service all day, a breakfast buffet, a separate sit down breakfast with its own menu and a healthy breakfast in the spa. With the buffet you get get cooked to order omelettes, traditional American breakfast, traditional British breakfast, cereals, oatmeal, lots of breakfast breads and pastries and probably even more stuff we didn't get around to trying. For lunch you had the lunch buffet, poolside grill (burgers and hot dogs grilled to order) healthy lunch in the spa and sit down lunch in the formal restaurant. The spa lunch was very good and you could get cooked to order fish and lots of low fat options. The buffet did made to order sandwiches and paninis, soups, hot entrees, pizza, made to order pasta, salad bar, British lunch options, Indian, Asian and probably other stuff, I can't remember...there were too many options. For dinner you had the buffet or the semi-formal sit down dinner. Every night in the semi-formal dining room they would have the same menu, and then a daily menu with completely different choices every day ranging from Asian to Italian, American and French. And it was quite good. I never go tired of it. In the buffet you could get made to order stir fry and pasta, pizza, hot entrees, Indian, other Asian options, sushi, lots of different desserts. I would say you wouldn't have to worry about feeling like you were eating the same thing every day. We were worried about that too but I never felt that way!

January 9, 2012 at 6:03 AM  
Blogger Ksam said...

Thanks for sharing Michele - that does sound like a ton of different options!!

January 9, 2012 at 9:11 AM  

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