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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vamos a la playa

I had a revelation Sunday while C was getting ready to leave again and I was feeling bummed out after a too-short weekend spent together.  All of the sudden it occurred to me - Why don't I just go with him??  I mean, I was leaving anyways for the same area on Tuesday for my own déplacement. Plus I work from home and as long as I have internet access, I am good to go.  I cannot believe I didn't think of it before, and as MsMac said on Twitter "Well, duhhhhhh! ;-)!"  *Head, meet Wall*

So that's how I now find myself writing from a hotel room overlooking the ocean.  C has a slightly (ahem) higher budget than I do, so no crappy hotel rooms for Monsieur, oh no. When we arrived last night, I opened our gigantic double doors to this:
I couldn't see the water, but I could certainly hear it, so I had high hopes for the next day and I was not let down, especially since I keep hearing how terrible the weather is in Paris:
I had originally planned on working from that little table, but I was worried the ocean spray would damage my computer (but maybe the beach hair would be worth it lol) - so instead, I will be eating my lunch there, listening to the waves and watching the clouds roll by:
Hey, I've gotta enjoy it while it lasts - our room is so lovely (it even has an ipod docking station/speakers!), and by the time this posts, I will be slumming it again inland in a crappy French hotel....

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Blogger Sara Louise said...

Fantastic idea!

September 29, 2012 at 9:03 AM  

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