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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last night, after coming home from listening author & blogger David Lebovitze read from his new book, I somehow ended up watching reunion special on the Today Show, celebrating 25 years of The Cosby Show.

It was really heartwarming to see all the former cast-members there together, and to listen to them reminisce about various episodes and topics covered. I have to admit though that I was thrown for a loop when Matt Lauer asked if they thought they were part of the reason that President Obama was able to get elected in today's day and age.

And again - same as when all the issues around race came up at election time - it was just something I'd never considered. As a caucasion child growing up in the Midwest, skin color was never really something I considered. It just wasn't an issue. I don't know if that's because of my family or what, but even as a child, I don't ever remember thinking of the Cosbys' as a black family. I grew up watching them, but yet their skin color wasn't anything I ever thought about.

I can see how, at the time, especially for the older generation, they made a huge impact by portraying an African American family with a doctor father and a lawyer mother as normal. How by covering subjects that every family dealt with - adolescents, money, heart-break, etc - they And Felisha Knight acknowledged that by saying "This American family has existed for decades - we were just new to television."



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