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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Same thing, different country

Sometimes life is crazy.  One minute you're planning a quiet weekend in the Pas de Calais with your in-laws, and the next, your boss is like "Can you go to South Korea?".   And thus began the scramble to plan a last minute trip half-way around the world.  Such is my life these days. 

I have quite a complicated itinerary to get to where I need to go in Korea and I was feeling a bit nervous about it, but eventually I realized that it was basically the same thing I did when I first moved to France:  Arrive in the capital, take a commuter train to a main train station, and then a high speed train 3 hours into the countryside.   And then all of the sudden it seemed easier - like 'You've done this before, no big deal'.  It's all relative, I guess.

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